Vibrant Forest Dark Beer Box Tasting 2019

Vibrant Forest Dark Beer Box Tasting 2019


We are delighted to welcome the lovely Andrew of Hampshire beer behemoths Vibrant Forest for a tasting of their 2019 Dark Beer Box. For those in the know this release will need little introduction. For those not in the know, it is really really good and you should definitely try it.

Vibrant Forest have long been a favourite at Bottle & Jug Dept. and we have had a near constant stock of their beers since we opened our doors. These guys know their way around and IPA, can smash out a stunning pale and do sours like no other; but when they go dark they create something very special.

The 2019 Dark Beer Box is a showcase of this years finest. Barrel aged delights, black IPA's and even sour stouts have appeared previously, and this years contents are sure to be memorable. Which is why we wanted to get Andrew in to talk you through the beers as you sip, sup and savour each drop.

The event will take place on Monday the 18th November from 6:30pm. Tickets cost £15 each and are available via the Bottle & Jug website or in the shop.

Spaces are very limited so don't delay and risk missing out on this journey into the darker reaches of the craft beer world.

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