Artisan Cider Mixed Case

Artisan Cider Mixed Case


It’s cider Jim, but not as we know it.

Cider has long been in the dog house, resigned to memories of misspent youth and underage forays into the world of drinking. Sadly in recent years it has been bastardised by sugary fruity abominations. Either way cider is a drink that has been abused and admonished for too long.

Cider making is a British tradition that dates back 100’s of years, apparently when the Romans invaded around 55BC cider was already being enjoyed by the early Britons. For those who are passionate about it, cider is as important to this country as wine making is to France. It is as nuanced and elegant as any Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Here we are offering a case of the finest ciders being produced in the UK. The case will contain three 750ml bottles of the finest ciders you have encountered. This first case represents makers from the cider strongholds of the UK. We have kicked off with some of the more affordable options from these superb makers, but in no part are they a compromise in terms of quality.

Our first case is £29.95 plus postage. We offer postage to mainland UK and Southern Scotland. If you are outside of these areas please contact us and we will arrange for a quotation.

Cider is going up in the world, maybe it is time to get on board and see what it is all about.

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